Where a tiger walks out from the vibrant foliage of Sal forest

About Kanha

Kanha, a best managed national park in India. Lush meadows, tall sal trees, and rich wildlife of the park are the main factors where we find Kanha in our wishlist as wildlife enthusiasts. Not only is it one of the best places to enjoy the wilderness but also is a great treat which the forest offers us. The landscapes and the surrounding luxurious meadows along with the wooden strands and the dense maroons of forests offer magnanimous sightseeing experiences for nature lovers. Making the land more beautiful and adorable, the crystal clear streams amidst the dense jungle cleanses the surroundings and makes the wildlife unrivaled. 

Archrich episode which is awaiting visitors and all the campers, but to run the episode flawless and full of adventures is the prime job of us as FIRALE. We try to make sure the jungle unfolds in front of you in the very best way. 

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Reach Nagpur at around 9.00 am. After a delicious packed breakfast, we drive to Kanha. En route, we enjoy the beautiful and dense forests of Pench. Check-in to the resort, and after a quick lunch we drive for our first safari in Kanha National Park. After the safari, we introduce ourselves to our new friends. After dinner, we enjoy a peaceful night’s rest.

After an early bed tea we get ready for our ride in the majestical Kanha Meadows. Not only wildlife but the landscape of the park has a lot to offer for your shutters. When we look for enchanting mammals a delightful breakfast in the forest is the treat. After flavourful lunch, we go for another evening ride and explore the wilderness. Over dinner, we have a short interactive session on wildlife and tigers.

We start our day like yesterday but the episode is distinct altogether. We look for some of the greatest tigers of India in the sublime frames of Sal forests. After lunch, we move for another ride in the meadows. After a short cultural show and a traditional serving for dinner, we rest in a calm, undisturbed, and pleasant environment for one last time until next time.

After a such pleasant and peaceful time here in Kanha we go for our last safari in the park and look for what we might have missed in the previous days in the jungle. After a wonderful lunch in the resort, we bid adieu to the Sals of the majestical Kanha meadows. We leave for Nagpur after a group picture and a lot of memories for a lifetime

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